Friday, July 8, 2016

Find where the targets are

I was out at one of my local spots this morning for the low tide. The beach is not sanded in but I could not get a hit. I spent 30 minutes at the low tide line in a popular section of beach without a hit. I have a 30 minute rule for searching areas and not finding anything so after that I left to the high tide line and towel line to see if they would be any better. The towel line was littered with trash but sure enough the high tide line was the spot to be. When I found my first quarter I knew I was in the right spot. I then combed that area of the beach very slowly. I found a few pennies and maybe 2 more quarters. Then I got a very weird signal from my excalibur. It was a double beep in disc but a very soft beep. I thought it was probably junk but I should dig anyway. It was around 12 inches down and turned out to be a silver quarter. It was very corroded so it has been there for a while. I was very happy with this find even though they are not worth much, silver is silver! I did not get any more good hits except some junk jewelry before I had to leave because it was getting mighty hot out there but it was a good morning at the beach!

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