About me

I live along the NC coast in Wilmington NC. I have a wife and 3 young children. I have many hobbies – Surfing, metal detecting, martial arts, self-defense training, and playing video games. I work as a professor of technology in a university setting as well as a consultant for corporations, military, and educational institutions. I love the beach and spend as much time as I can there.

I have hunted many beaches along the east coast USA with my machines in various conditions and I hunt year round. I have hunted with many detectorists, talked to professionals, read all of the books, participated in the forums, and taken in as much information as possible. I have spent countless hours on the beach testing settings, conditions, metals, etc. I have found so many bottle caps that I could fill garbage cans…BUT I have also found both gold and silver! I have found rings, valuable coins, and much more. Many in places that detectorists in my area said were wiped out. How? I hunt smart. I learned early on that knowing your machine and knowing where and how to hunt were extremely important to being successful. So I spent quality time figuring out how to do this with my machines. You can find me on many of the detector forums asking questions, analyzing my machines, evaluating test results, and doing a lot of testing and experimentation. If you have a question please feel free to ask. I am no expert, just someone who likes metal detecting and wants to share what I find with others.

I currently own a CTX, Fisher CZ21, Minelab Excalibur 2, and White's DF. My go to unit right now is a CTX with 17'' coil and the wireless headset with ear buds.

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