Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Testing your jewelry to find out what it's made out of

Earlier this week I found a very nice ring in a very wealthy area. The issue? No markings on it. So I have no idea what its made out of. It could be a plain Tungsten ring but it could also be platinum considering where it was found. There are some custom ring makers that use gold/platinum and then do not or forget to stamp. So, I need to find this out. How do I do it? Well I could go to a pawn shop but fortunately, I have my own scratch/acid kit test. These are cheap and can be found on amazon for $20-$30. Every hunter should have one. I cannot tell you how many junk rings/pendants have turned out to be silver or gold. I literally had around 150 junk items in a box from the last few years and when I got around to testing them added maybe 30 silver/gold items to my collection. So go out and get one of these kits, they do work. Here is an example:

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