Monday, October 10, 2016

Post Hurricane Hunt

First day out after hurricane Mattew. It was not very good. I went at low tide but there still wasn't much beach to detect because a lot had been washed away. It was also freezing, which I am happy about after such a hot summer. I found tons of clad. Clad that had been sitting there a long time but not old (year wise) either. I will be hitting a few other beaches later this week and post if I get anything good. Here are some pics. The first is just my detector and the next two are from my travels from Charlotte back to Wilmington yesterday afternoon:

In this picture you can see water covering part of I-74 near Lumberton NC. It covered the road in the morning; this was closer to 4pm and it was way down.
In this picture you can see the whole house surrounded by water. There were tons of neighborhoods and streets just like this. In some the water was as high as their mailboxes

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