Thursday, August 11, 2016

Who says FBS doesn't air test well?

I ran some air tests in my yard today with my CTX. Here are the results:


Coil: 17 inch
Sensitivity: 26
Pattern: All metal but last line
Tone: Combined
Deep on
Seawater on
Pitch long
Speaker - no headphones. 


Mens 10k Gold band: 16 inches
Mens 14k thin white gold band: 14 inches
Womens 14k White gold wedding band: 8-9 inches
Tungsten Junk Ring Mens Wedding Band: 17 inches
Wheat Penny: 15 inches
1oz silver bullet: 11 inches
Silver nickel: 13 inches
Regular nickel: 13 inches
Quarter: 16 inches
Silver ring: 14 inches

Picture of items. All of these are finds of mine except the silver 1oz bullet:

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