Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New toy...

My new MD toy. I took it out this morning after reading the book and manual all night. I have to say its a very complicated detector. I cant imagine myself feeling comfortable until I have many hours on this. There are many settings and things to consider. My initial thoughts are that this is definitely not a beginners detector.


  1. Nice detector! Have you air tested it and compared to cz-21?
    That should be interesting. What were the factors you considered when deciding to buy this unit?

  2. No air tests yet and FBS machines have some problems with air testing so I am not sure what it will really tell me but I will do that this weekend.

    I bought it because I wanted to change coils and headphones but still wanted a waterproof machine for the beach. This gave me that option plus tons more - I can wear ear buds instead of earphones, no more wires (they are all inside the shaft, etc. But the coil/headphones were really my big reasons.