Sunday, August 7, 2016

CTX Week One Observations...

First this machine has tons and tons of options. I have read Andy's book several times and learn many new things each time I go through it. This machine is definitely for an advanced user - not someone new to metal detecting. It would just be too overwhelming. So some of my observations after the first week...

Manual sensitivity is much better than auto. I seem to be able to get 5-7 points higher using manual vs Auto.

The machine is very deep with the 17'' coil. I have been going to popular beaches where there is tons of competition...places I rarely get hits with my Excal/CZ21...and I cannot walk more than a few feet without getting hits. And these hits are deep. I swear every target I dug this morning was 12''+. Nothing shallow or on the surface because everyone else got them. I was at the point where I was just hoping I didn't have to dig deeper. I have been to around 4-5 beaches since I got this machine and I literally cant take more than a few steps without getting a deep target. Its crazy.

I need a lot more hours on this. I am still playing with many of the options and figuring out what works best for my beaches. I have found I like pitch hold for my threshold and have to run the seawater option on the wetsand at all of the beaches. And I am still playing with many other options.

I am still playing around with all of the patterns but here is the one I am currently using, which basically is a iron vs no iron. I need to make a few more for the trashy spots.

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