Monday, August 15, 2016

Beach Metal Detector Maintenance

Taking care of you metal detector can preserve its life, increase resale value, and keep you from having to send it in for repairs, which can be costly. Most of the things I do to maintain my machines should be done to all machines but each machine is different so make sure you read your user manual before doing anything to it. Many of you know that the salt, sand, and ocean destroy everything. Living at the beach I see this first hand. The salt destroys everything. It also destroys your metal detector. This is one of the reasons I ONLY have waterproof machines. I don't care how much you cover your machine, salt and sand will find it way in unless its water tight. So how to I maintain my machines? I follow a few simple steps.

1. Wash with fresh water after each use. I wash the entire machine. I either use my hose at home or better yet the shower at the beach (if it has one).

2. Lube the wires. I do this with silicone. Its something I do probably once a week to help prevent the wires from dry rot because you don't want them to crack.

3. Clean the coil covers. I do this every few times I detect.

4. Change the batteries when they are at 50%. I do not let my batteries go low.

5. Store inside my house. I put my machine in the house where its air conditioned. I do not believe the garage is a safe place due to humidity and such.


  1. Nice post Adam and super useful! I plan to get my new MD soon.
    What cleaning supplies do you recommend for maintenance?


    1. It would depend on your machine and what the manual recommends but I use spray on silicone from lowes for the wires and I wash it with water after each use. You really don't need anything special for it.