Monday, July 18, 2016

This mornings hunt

Went out (even though it was high tide) this morning to search for weekend drops from a professional surf competition. Since it was high tide I was limited to the towel line and dry sand. But I knew there was a surf competition all weekend so there would be fresh drops and I can't get to the low tide sand unless I came out at midnight...and I have 3 kids and need to sleep when they do! So...there was tons and tons of garbage. Beer bottle caps, foils, wrappers, you name it. I found more zippers than I ever have in my life. It was like a zipper company threw out all of their extras on the beach. I mean I find zippers all of the time...but not 20 of them in a 2 hr hunt. I was able to find some deep quarters and nickels that were there for quite a while, which is nice to always find because this beach was dredged 2 years ago and its searched like crazy so anything older and deep is positive. I also managed to get two silvers out of the bunch. The earring is marked and toe ring was positive in testing. I found the toe ring about 6-7 inches down - 1 scoop. The earring was found right on the sand. My Excal was on top of it and it still wasn't a loud booming hit even though it was laying directly on the sand, it was pretty about a fresh drop. I would of loved to stay there longer but by 730am I was drenched in sweat due to major heat wave we are having so I called it a day but I am happy when I find silver!

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