Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sanded in...

These are just a few pics which show a great example of what sanded in really means and looks like. We had some really bad storms 2-3 days ago which carved off a few inches from the beaches. Almost immediately sand has begun to fill in but hasn't yet filled in the deep section. You can see from the pics just how much its filled in within just a few tide cycles. You don't always get to see it this distinct so I took these pics to show the example...there is a solid 6-8 inches of new sand here between the low and high tide line. The high tide line is still carved out in the pics where the water is but that will fill in within the next few tide cycles as well. When it fills in it wont look like this, it will look like nice smooth beach. This is why studying the beach to see how the sand is moving can increase your finds significantly. Now that this area is sanded in, where is the best place to hunt? I can think of a few areas that are probably going to be better than others in this situation.

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