Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pinpointing with the CZ21

This week I am traveling north to NJ. I brought my trusty CZ21 as its indestructible. Its a great travel machine. I also have my 5'' RTG travel scoop which means I really need to pinpoint well or else I will be digging forever. With my 9'' Stealth scoop this is much less of an issue but that thing is just too big to travel with when you have 5 people in the car and 2 weeks worth of luggage:)

So getting my find in 1-2 scoops is very important. Thus I need to really pinpoint. First, as I have mentioned before, I never use the pinpoint button on the CZ21. Its worthless. I cannot think of a time I ever needed to use it. Instead I use autotune to pinpoint and it does an excellent job, even with my 5'' scoop. In fact, 9 times out of 10 I can get my target in 1 scoop even if its 8''-10'' down.

Once I have identified my target as something I want to dig, I switch back to autotune and do a circle pattern very VERY slowly around where I think the target is. I mean very slowly. When you get right over the target it will be much louder. Then I do a very slow X to confirm. This whole process only takes 5-10 seconds. Then I dig. Literally one scoop every time. I am so happy with the CZ21's ability to pinpoint so well in autotune. If you are having problems with this you just need to practice. Take your time and go very slow to get the hang of it. If its taking you more than 2 scoops and target is not very deep you are going to fast and not hearing where the loudest part is. Obviously a deeper target can take more scoops.

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