Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beach Sweepers

I hunted a new beach to me early this morning in NJ on my vacation up north. I got there around 6am and noticed that the beach sweeper got there at the same time. Now I have hunted tons of beaches with rakes and such but this sweeper was designed to actually pick up everything in the first 4-6'' inches of sand. That meant that he was taking coins, rings, etc along with all of the junk. Where I live they use rakes and so do most of the sweepers around where I am vacationing but not the ones designed to pick up such small objects. So its very valuable to know what kind of sweeper they use at your beach because it can help determine where and when you hunt there. So for this beach I knew if I were hunting where he swept that I was not really going to be getting recent drops. I tried out the dry sand just to see what I would find after he went through and it was pretty bare except for a few deep targets that had been there for quite a while.

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